Maricopa County Sheriff's deputies prepare to respond to school shooting

GLENDALE, AZ - A lot of deputies were out with their guns drawn and firing today, but fortunately it was only a training exercise designed to keep school children safe.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio said he wants to make sure his deputies are ready in case a school shooting were to happen here in the Valley.

Saturday's exercise was the third this year for the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office.

They can be scary to watch because they look and feel so real.

Deputies had their guns drawn and "victims" were lying on the ground with simulated bullet wounds as other children ran from the scene.

Today's exercise took place at Heritage Elementary School in Glendale.

Students watching the simulation said it was a reality check.

"To think that this actually happens in schools, just think of the amount of people running for their lives," said student Jack Acritelli.

Arpaio said that in recent years more resources have been placed into combatting school shootings.

Just last month there were 11 shootings on school campuses around the U.S.

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