Man steals package from Valley home, surveillance camera captures clear picture of suspect

GLENDALE, AZ - A Valley woman is hoping to catch a crook who stole a package from her front door.

Diana Lougnot says on Friday, December 20, her new shoes were supposed to be delivered. When they didn't show up, she called FedEx and then tracked the package.

Turns out, the item was dropped off, but she still couldn't find it. That's when she checked her surveillance video and noticed something was off.

"I got onto my security system footage and found, yes in fact FedEx had delivered it at 2:05 p.m. exactly when they said," said Lougnot. She recently installed a surveillance system because of vandalism to her front yard.

The cameras didn't catch that, but they did do their job recording something else.

"This white SUV drives up and some guy gets out very nonchalantly and walks up to the front of the house, and takes the package," Lougnot said. "It was appalling, it was horrible."

Her brand new shoes were stolen. The surveillance camera took a clear picture of the suspect. A man, in jeans and a sweatshirt walking right up to her door, during the day, and just taking the package. The theft happening four hours after a similar one near Cave Creek. It doesn't look like the same white SUV, but police are investigating both.

Diana just wants the man caught. "Just the thought that somebody felt comfortable enough to do that to me, you know, other people I'm sure feel the same way, it's a strange feeling," she says.  

"If somebody feels comfortable doing that where do they draw the line? I mean, what other things are they capable of? It's scary."

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