Local musician Charley Mora arrested after police say he ran into Glendale family's home

GLENDALE, AZ - An intruder busted into a Glendale home and locked the door while police were chasing him, but it wasn't the officer who caught the stranger; it was the homeowner.

Charley Mora, 23, was arrested by Glendale police on July 23 around 1 a.m. near 67th Avenue and Deer Valley Road. Video of the arrest was just released this month.

Police said Mora crashed his car and then assaulted an off-duty officer who showed up at the scene by punching him in the throat.

Officers say they believe Mora was intoxicated when he ran from the crash scene into a nearby neighborhood, according to court records.

A few neighbors saw the suspect and called 911.

"I just ran him out of my backyard," said one 911 caller. "He was running up my back porch trying to get into my house."

As more officers arrived, more neighbors came out into the street to see what was going on, police said.

Mora saw his chance and ran into one of the opened doors, police said, while the man who lives at that home chased after him.

Mora locked the door before the homeowner could enter, police said.

Inside the house were the homeowner's wife and three small children.

The homeowner, who was locked out, told ABC15 that he ran full-speed into the front door and broke it down. That man then wrestled Mora to the ground and carried him outside.

Police shocked Mora with a stun gun to subdue him, officers said.

While in the police cruiser, it appears the suspect confessed to everything, saying he was scared when the off-duty officer approached him.

"I freaked out and I'm sorry," the voice from inside the cruiser said. "I'm not even mad that you guys tased me. I deserved it."

According to Mora's Facebook page, he is a member of a pop punk band based out of Glendale.

ABC15 was unable to reach Mora for comment.

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