Local Iraqi community reacts to U.S. airstrikes, humanitarian aid

GLENDALE, AZ - The U.S. launched two new rounds of air strikes Friday, targeting Islamic extremists near the city of Irbil.

Officials say the extremists took hundreds of women captive while thousands fled to the mountains in fear.

The U.S. dropped 72 bundles of food so far, more than 60 have reached those stranded.

Iraqis in our community are looking for any new information about the unrest and they're getting a lot of their news from social media.

Steven Nabil is getting hour by hour updates from a friend in Iraq who says conditions are getting worse and worse.

"I saw a picture of babies sleeping on the floor with-not even pillows...It’s just too much," Nabil said.

Thousands have fled and Mona Oshana wonders if the U.S. should have acted sooner.

"Thank god something is being done... But again the thought does strike me. Is it too late?”

Right now, those stuck on Mt. Sinjar are in dire circumstances no matter where they turn.

They’re afraid if they come down ISIS will kill them, but if they stay they have no food or water. They are appreciative of the humanitarian aid America has provided so far but Nabil is disappointed more countries haven't helped.

"We have genocide that's being published to social media minute by minute and the world is not reacting to it," he said.

Oshana says the U.S. should worry if ISIS isn’t stopped.

"If it happens in Iraq, it's going to come here," she said.

Many members of the local Assyrian and Iraqi community say the solution for peace would be a safe haven in Iraq where Christians and other religious minorities could feel secure.

They also suggest finding a way to secure passages for people to flee.

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