Hundreds walk the 'Thin Blue Line' to honor fallen Glendale Police Officer Brad Jones

GLENDALE, AZ - Hundreds walked the 'Thin Blue Line' to honor fallen Glendale Police Officer Brad Jones Saturday.

They walked the imaginary 'Thin Blue Line' officers walk every day, but for Glendale Officer Brad Jones that thin blue line became a reality in October of 2011.

Jones was shot and killed at an apartment complex near 75th and Glendale avenues while helping a probation officer make an arrest.

"He was there to take someone out of society who was a danger to society and unfortunately he lost his life," said Sharon Knutsen-Felix, Executive Director of the 100 Club of Arizona.

Knutsen-Felix said when her grandchildren ask what the thin blue line means she tells them, "It's when the officers stand between evil and the community to protect them."

That's exactly what Officer Brad Jones was doing.

Saturday's walk began at the Brad Jones Memorial Park near 58th Avenue and Glendale Avenue.  Walkers were then bussed to location where Jones was gunned down. 

Jones' wife Cindy Jones chose to start the walk at this very location to symbolize his legacy.

"The theme of the walk is: This is not where it ends…it's where it begins," Cindy added. "We chose to begin our walk [where Brad was killed] so that walkers will see and be a part of Brad's everlasting legacy."

The legacy is of a hero who died protecting those he never knew.

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