Glendale police are asking for help to solve a cold case from 2003

GLENDALE, AZ - A murder mystery has held a Valley family emotionally hostage for a decade.

Stephon Wickware was shot to death while simply walking back from his girlfriend's home in Glendale. The murderer is still unknown.     

Stephon's family is making a plea to the public for help in solving the cold case.

"I still wait for him to come knock on my door, to call my phone," Stephon's mother Tonya Jimmerson said. "It's 10 years later, and he still hasn't called."

In March of 2003, Stephon died from gunshot wounds one block away from Glendale City Hall. It was the day before his little brother's birthday.

"So while we're singing Happy Birthday, we found the detectives at my door," Jimmerson said.

Cameras caught a suspect biking away from the scene of the crime. Witnesses also put together a sketch of the Hispanic suspect. However, the man's identity remains a mystery, and detectives still don't know why Stephon was targeted. 

Both Stephon's family and police described him as a good, young man on the right track in life.

"He shot him twice. He could've left him alone," Jimmerson said of her son's killer. "Why did he have to stand over him and do that? To me, that's just a vicious person."

Losing a family member is one thing, but Jimmerson says never learning the reason it happened, and who is responsible leaves an indescribable pain.

"It's a void. It's a void deep within your soul and in your gut that you can feel. You have Mothers' day, you have Christmas and you still have that child missing. You have to go to a grave site to say I love you."

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