Heart transplant saves Valley mother's life

GLENDALE, AZ - This time last year, Jennifer Gray's heart was failing. By early spring, her only option would be to receive a heart transplant.

"I was like oh my gosh, I am going to die, and I won't see my kids grow up, or see them succeed in life, which was very important to me, and that's what kept going through my mind, is to fight, so I could see them grow up," Gray said.

Doctors had installed an automatic defibrillator, but that wasn't enough. She was facing a long wait for the vital organ she needed. A bright spot came when...

"My surgeon said we found you a heart," she said.

After being on the heart transplant list just six days, doctors found a match.

Now nine months later, on track to a full recovery, this Valentine's Day, and every day, is special to her.

"It just means I am here. My daughter's birthday is coming up and, I will be here for that. My son plays football at high school and I was able to see his team win every single game this year," Gray said.

Her husband, Dennis is grateful the love of his life, his "sweetheart", is recovering.

"You never know when your last chance to say goodbye or I love you may come," he said.

Jennifer is urging everyone to sign up to be an organ donor, and this Valentine's Day, maybe give someone else a second chance.

"Please, everybody needs help and there's other people that need organs other than hearts, and people can't get that stuff unless people sign up to be donors," Gray said.

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