Glendale woman, Mildred Ramirez, forced to shut down food pantry becaue of Glendale city ordinance

GLENDALE, AZ - A Valley woman who has been feeding families in need, is being told to stop due to a Glendale city ordinance.

Mildred Ramirez, looking for a way to help others, set up a food pantry in her front yard. She's been helping out needy families for eight years.

The pantry is only out for a few hours every day. People in need can come by and get all the food they need.

"I want to help my neighbors because that's what we should be doing," said Ramirez.

She has more than 50 regular customers that come by every day.

"It helps out a lot, I'm on a fixed income because the only money I get is from Social Security," said Terry Spigozza who uses the pantry.

A spokesperson from the City of Glendale's Code Compliance Department said residents can't leave furniture or appliances in public view or they will be cited. They said if Ramirez continues to operate, she could be fined or even face criminal charges.

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