Glendale residents fear for safety, hope for change

GLENDALE, AZ - Residents of one Glendale neighborhood say crime is getting out of control. 

They're speaking out in hopes that something will finally be done about it, so they won't be forced to move away.

One of those residents is a tenant at a condominium complex off west Orangewood Avenue. She didn't want to be identified for fear of retaliation, but says it's been a nightmare raising her two kids in the area.

"There have been shootings less than 15, 20 feet from my window," she said. "I feel like a failure. Like I'm unable to protect my family."

ABC15 checked the crime statistics on the City of Glendale's website for that area. When this mother moved in back in March, there were only four burglaries that month within a one mile radius of her condo. Last month (August) that number rose to twenty burglaries.

The concerned mother says in the six months since she's moved in, she's had her car windows smashed, her vehicle broken into, all four tires stolen, and gang fights right outside her door.

Cheryl Beydler has managed the Orangewood property for five years, and says property values are down, and tenants are moving out.

"We've contacted the police department, the HOAs, we're constantly filling out reports, our tenants are filling out reports," said Beydler. "They're scared to death."

Beydler says she can't blame the tenants for wanting to move out.

"This is horrifying. It really, really is," said Beydler. "They're afraid to come out of their homes during the day."

ABC has reached out to the Glendale Police Department for information regarding these recent crimes. We're still waiting to hear back and will follow up on this story when we have more information.

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