Glendale merchants excited for Phoenix Coyotes home opener

GLENDALE, AZ - Fans aren't the only ones getting excited, local businesses are anxiously awaiting the Coyotes return home too.

The shops and restaurants in Glendale couldn't be more pumped for Sunday night's home game.

Many of the businesses at Westgate rely heavily on the fans, and they're hoping they deliver.

The NHL lockout had a huge impact on a lot of the smaller business here in this Glendale shopping center.

Some saw a huge decline in the number of customers, but on Sunday, many have seen those numbers skyrocket.

"I'm really not that great with numbers but I know it. Sales have either doubled or tripled," said business owner Don Vo.

"The fan base here is great and they come and support the Coyotes. They support us and we love it, and we love them," said Walter Silva with Calico Jacks.

A lot of the smaller booths at Westgate will stay open late just for the fans.

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