Glendale gas station clerk murdered: Family of Scott White speaks out

GLENDALE, AZ - Daniel Scott White was a husband, father, and dedicated to his family.

“He was just a man doing the best he could for them,” said his brother Robert White.

Less then 48 hours after his brother was killed at a Glendale gas station, Robert wants everyone to know who the world lost.

“He was full of life and his family was everything to him,” said Robert.

Glendale Police found Daniel Scott White, also known as Scott, shot to death outside of the AM/PM gas station near 99th Avenue and Glendale early Monday morning.

Investigators say Andrew Rael came to the gas station to fill up his car. Before leaving he drove up to where Scott was standing outside, got out of his car and shot him three times.

“He was a guy doing his job and a crazy person came in that night with the intension of killing someone and they killed him,” said White.

Rael was gunned down by police hours later at the US 60. Police have also linked him the murder of a tow truck driver the day before.

Scott White had no life insurance or benefits. The family needs help paying for the funeral.

They have set up a Daniel Scott White Donation Fund Facebook page to help with costs.

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