Glendale fire, Hope Worldwide Arizona educate citizens on fire safety, prevention

GLENDALE, AZ - A house fire can happen in a matter of seconds. That's why the Glendale Fire Department, along with volunteers from Hope Worldwide Arizona and the Red Cross, handed out flyers to Glendale residents with important information on how to prevent a house fire Saturday morning.

"One of the main things that we're promoting is not leaving you're food unattended on the stove," said Jeremy Krossman with Glendale Fire. "And once again, checking and making sure that you're smoke detectors are properly working."

According to Glendale Fire, the department responded to more than 3,500 house fires in 2012. The Red Cross responds to a house fire every eight minutes.

"American Cross comes out every single day and the fire department too, to save lives and try to save homes," said Georgi Stratton with Hope Worldwide Arizona. "This is a huge issue in Arizona that sometimes people forget is important."

Altogether, more than 70 volunteers knocked on 1,500 doors throughout Glendale spreading the word on fire safety this morning. They're just hoping that a simple conversation can help save a life in the future.

"We have statistics on the incidents that we do have," said Krossman, "but the one thing that we can't track, are the incidents that we prevent and that's one the one thing why we try to get out in the community and prevent stuff."

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