Glendale detective Dave Goitia bounces back from brush with death

GLENDALE, AZ - The Phoenix officer involved in a shooting  on Tuesday is the latest victim in what seems like a recent increase of violent incidents.

Detective Dave Goitia has served the Glendale Police Department for more than twelve years.

He and his wife, Kary, have been keeping close tabs on the condition of Phoenix officer Scott Sefranka.

Det. Goitia said, "That officer is a hero to the community and he's a hero to me."

Goitia feels for Sefranka who was shot while on duty.

He himself was critically injured on a call July 19, 2005

The car basically went over my body. I got caught underneath the car and I got dragged under it for a while," Goitia said of the incident.

It's a day his wife won't ever forget. "It was two officers who were out of uniform and I saw the badge on the waistband and that was my first inkling and my stomach dropped," said Kary.

Officers told Kary that Dave had broken multiple bones including his pelvis, ribs, tailbone, back and shoulder while responding to a stolen vehicle call.

"I grabbed his hand and walked with him as they were rolling his bed past me," Kary said

Doctors told Dave they weren't sure he was going to walk again let alone continue on the force but for him, quitting was never an option.

"I'm born and raised in Arizona. This is my community. I want the streets to be safe; I want people to feel safe," he said.

Kary says the danger officers' face is always in the back of her mind but she knows being a cop is more of a calling then just a job.

"That's what he wants to do and I support him 100%."

The suspect who ran Dave over is still in prison.

And the Goitia family says they are grateful for every moment they get to spend together.

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