Gilbert family recalls encounter with alleged killer of Glendale officer

GLENDALE, AZ - A Gilbert family who was reportedly victimized by a man accused of killing a Glendale police officer Friday is recalling the encounter.

The moment she saw his mug shot on TV, Becky Vinyard did a double take.

"I thought wow, this is all so awful," said Becky while sitting in her Gilbert living room.

Becky is referring to the images of the shooting scene where Glendale Police Officer Bradley Jones lost his life. The mug shot she saw, Jones' suspected killer, was a man she helped put behind bars.

About two years before the Glendale shooting incident, suspected cop killer Ryan Heisler was involved in four burglaries at her Gilbert home.

"Anything could have happened now when I look back on it," said Becky.

Heisler and four others targeted Becky's home four times.

"We did not sleep well for a long time," said Becky.

Heisler reportedly broke into the family's car and stole the garage door opener. He and his friends apparently returned stealing electronics and jewelry and then returned two more times breaking into another car and stealing a car.

"There were five young men who broke into our home and we went to every sentencing hearing for them," said Becky with her husband nearby.

Heisler was sent to prison for his involvement.

"He (Heisler) was actually the least remorseful," said Becky. "The probation officers were checking in with us all the time, he (Heisler) had been sending us restitution money so we knew he had a job."

Becky says over the past few months Heisler had sent the family about $100.

When she saw his mug shot connected to the death of Officer Jones, Becky said she could only think "what if".

"You just feel so much for the family of the officer, and you know, everybody did what they should do with this young man and he still chose the wrong path," said Becky.

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