FD: 3 kids, dogs stung by bees from attic

GLENDALE, AZ - Authorities say three children and two dogs were stung a number of times by bees at a Glendale home.

According to the Glendale Fire Department, an 18-month-old, 13-year-old and 14-year-old were all stung. None had to be transported to the hospital.

Two dogs were also stung at the home near Peoria and 63rd avenues.

Air15 video showed firefighters spraying foam up under the eaves of the home.

Officials say the homeowner knew about the hive in the attic and had bought a bee suit to take care of the problem.

Everyone was stung inside the home, officials say.

The homeowner was waiting for a bee removal service to arrive and get rid of the hive.


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