Fantasy football: Move over men, it's a woman's game too

GLENDALE, AZ - For a dozen West Valley moms, fantasy football isn't just for their husbands.

The group of women formed their own fantasy football league three years ago.

Their ring leader is mother of two, Brooke Martin.

"There are a lot of women out there who are huge football fans and this gives me a chance to show that I know what I'm talking about," Brooke said.

During the day, she's a hair stylist at DC Salons with her twin sister Brittany, who is also part of the league.

"I learn a lot of players and teams that I wouldn't normally watch," Brittany said. "Instead of watching my Monday night show, I'll watch Monday night football because I need so many points for my team to win."

Even though Brooke and Brittany are identical twins their lineup drafts don't look anything alike.

"There's always a little competition especially being twins," Brittany said. "I definitely love playing her and I always want to win, which I believe I did last season."

"I tell my mom or my husband, I have got to beat Brittany, she cannot win!" Brooke said.

The women's draft was held Saturday night.

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