Expert discusses profiles of abductors as search continues for Jahessye Shockley

GLENDALE, AZ - Several national law enforcement agencies are assisting the Glendale Police Department with the search to find a 5-year-old girl who went missing Tuesday night .

Jhessye Shockley was reported missing around 5 p.m. Tuesday from an apartment near Glendale and 43rd avenues. An Amber Alert was issued Wednesday morning.

Robert Hoever, Associate Director of Special Projects at the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, told ABC15 it would be hard to come up with a suspect profile.

In certain cases, like infant abductions, the suspects consistently fit a certain profile.

An analysis of hundreds of cases showed usually suspects in those cases are compulsive, overweight women who have told others they've lost a child or can't have one.

However, Hoever said in abductions involved older children, even toddlers, there are no common factors.

"The investigation would develop more leads into something like that as far as a profile," said Hoever. "There's no specific profile that you would be looking for."

Glendale police have reportedly focused their search on finding a woman last seen with Shockley.

Statistically, Hoever said more men kidnap children than women, but the child is not any safer with either.

"The gender of the abductor really doesn't make a difference," said Hoever. "It's the emotional state of the mind of the person that's taking that child as far as how much danger that child's in."

In the Shockley case, there may be more than one person involved.

The witness told police the woman who grabbed Shockley got out of a car on the passenger side, which means it's possible someone else was driving.

Historically, Hoever said, it would be highly unlikely both would have been a stranger to Shockley.

"Of all the cases that would be the rarest, having an actual stranger [abduct her]. Typically it's somebody known to the family or known to the child."

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