Coyotes deal could be costly for Glendale residents

GLENDALE, AZ - The City of Glendale is on the verge of completing a deal that would keep the Phoenix Coyotes in Arizona for the next 20 years.

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But, the cost of the deal has Glendale residents worried.

"They're cutting funding to children's programs and parks, and things where i can take my son to, and we're worried about a hockey team that doesn't do so well anyway, so i don't see much need for the raise in taxes and I prefer not to pay it," Glendale resident Sarah Pothoff said.

Glendale would end up getting about $5 million a year from things like rent, ticket sales and sales tax, but they will still have to pay an extra $15 million to manage the arena.

Main points from draft arena use agreement

Experts who studied the pros and cons for the city point out the city still has to pay for the arena, even if the Coyotes don't use it.

Their analysis found Glendale will actually save about $1 million a year by keeping the team from leaving.

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Some fans liked the prospect of securing the team.

"Keep them for sure, 100 percent. I would like to keep those people. Keep them for sure. I love hockey. It's a sport you know, everybody loves sports," Sam Mirza said.

The Glendale City Council will officially vote on a draft arena use agreement with the prospective new owner of the Coyotes Friday morning.

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