Convicted felon steals assault rifle from Cabela's

GLENDALE - Surveillance video shows a man who Glendale police said took an assault rifle from Cabela's by hiding it in a cot bag.

Police identified the man as Kristopher Launcher, who was arrested after security at the store figured out what happened and tracked him when he returned to the store to make another purchase.

Police say Launcher is a convicted felon. They said he hid the gun in the cot bag and then paid for the cot with a credit card before walking out of the store near 93rd Avenue and Glendale last week.

Police tell ABC15 that he told them that a gun locking device fell off the weapon in the store and he said it was a message from God that he should take it.

Police are not sure what he was going to do with the weapon but said he told them he wanted it for protection.

Launcher was arrested at the store and his home was searched. He is facing several charges.  

Gun experts tell ABC15 that it is not uncommon for large retail shops like Cabela's to have weapons on shelves that are accessible to customers without supervision.

Smaller shops typically have the guns behind counters and require a store clerk in order to handle them.

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