Cardinals games have BIG impact on Glendale economy

GLENDALE, AZ - Big game day crowds mean big bucks for the restaurants and stores at Glendale's Westgate Center.

Fans were ordering lunch and popping the top off a cold one.

At Saddle Ranch the money is flowing as freely as the drinks.

General Manager Dan Roth is already toasting success.

"If I was to guess, I'd say we'll be up at least 20 percent," Roth said.

He says the restaurants have struggled in recent years, but having the Cardinals move training camp from Flagstaff has already changed that.

"It's almost like a rebirth in the area, it's fantastic," Roth said.

Just Sports is cashing in on the crowds, too.

It doesn't have stores in Flagstaff so, already, more chances to keep fans in Glendale has business up about 15 percent in the pre-season.

"Because they're here, we hit a tremendous amount of sales. For training camp we brought in more stuff for that," said Mark Rolandson, general manager of Just Sports.

Rolandson says if this game day is any indication, "We're gauging the Cowboys game and then going forward."

For the sports bars it's like daily doubles. They'll be busy before the game, but they're staffed for even bigger crowds after the game.

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