Be prepared, know how to do CPR and save a life

GLENDALE, AZ - Imagine you’re sitting on the couch with your children and all of a sudden one of them stops breathing. Do you know what to do?

First things first, you should call 911. From there, American Emergency Response Training (AERT), a company that specializes in CPR training, suggests doing chest compressions until medics arrive.

“You can expose the chest... and just get right in the center with the heel of my hand, locking, and I'm (pushing) straight down,” said AERT instructor Jamie Phillips.

If the person is unconscious when you arrive, Phillips suggests giving them 30 chest compressions and then opening their airway by pulling their head back, holding that airway back on the bony part of the chin, and then giving them two breaths.

In the case of an infant however, they suggest doing the compressions with two fingers in the middle of the chest, about one-third the depth of the chest while compressing.

Also, during the breaths you cover the infant's nose and mouth using your mouth. And don't head-tilt-chin-lift an infant while giving breaths. Instead, just position their head to face right up at the ceiling or sky by putting a hand on their forehead. 

Amanda Keenam, who works as a CPR instructor with AERT, says she once used CPR to save a woman’s life at a gas station.

She just dropped and I ran over and I tap her and she's not breathing, so I started doing compressions on her,” said Keenam. "It can be at work, it can be at the grocery store and if that does happen, you'll be able to help that person.”

The Glendale company encourages parents and people of all ages to go to the American Heart Association for more CPR tips and information on CPR courses.

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