Balloon launch held for missing Jhessye Shockley

GLENDALE, AZ - It's been exactly four months since 5-year-old Jhessye Shockley was reported missing and there's still no sign of the little girl.

Family and friends held a balloon launch in her honor Saturday. The memorial event all started on Facebook. 

Dozens of family members and strangers came to 45th and Glendale avenues to launch the balloons where a memorial site has been set up since her disappearance was reported in October. Family members tell me they feel like officers will find her soon and bring her home.

"Law enforcement is doing a good job, we have a feeling they are going to find and her bring her home and give us closure," said family member Victor Rice. "Until then, it's an open wound."

Police will continue a landfill search for Jhessye on Monday . We're told the first week of searching failed to turn up any evidence, but investigators are confident they will find the girl's remains in the Butterfield Landfill, 50 miles south of Phoenix.

The search is expected to last several weeks as teams continue to search 6,000 tons of compacted trash.

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