Arizona's first medical marijuana dispensary opens in Glendale

GLENDALE, AZ - The state's first medical marijuana dispensary opened in Glendale on Thursday.

A line formed outside Arizona Organix ahead of the 10 a.m. grand opening.

The first man, Mike Gonzalez, showed up two and a half hours early but didn't mind the wait.

He said he has a tumor in his neck that doctors can't remove and the marijuana slows the growth and helps ease the pain.

Over the past two years, many of the patients said they went to compassion clubs and co-ops to get medical marijuana and often paid membership fees.

Gonzalez said now he'll go to the dispensary because it's close to home, feels safe and he liked the selection and quality.

He told us he spent $110 on an ounce of OG Kush and the whole process took less than 10 minutes.

The dispensary got the go-ahead to open earlier this week after a Maricopa County Superior Court judge ruled Arizona's medical marijuana laws do not violate federal laws.

Arizonans voted to legalize medical marijuana two years ago.

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