2015 Arizona Super Bowl logo unveiled

GLENDALE, AZ - Preparation for the 2015 Super Bowl in Glendale is already underway and organizers gave us an early look at the brand new Super Bowl Logo.

The logo for Super Bowl 49 will be featured in all Super Bowl sanctioned events, marketing materials, and charity drives.

"We want fans and companies to come to Super Bowl XLIX and not want to leave. Arizona is a growing, modern state that's a very attractive location to start, expand, or relocate your business. Our new logo is a key ingredient to showcasing this Arizona story to the world," said Arizona Super Bowl Host Committee President Jay Parry.

The logo includes silhouettes of the University of Phoenix Stadium in Glendale, the desert and several classic football elements.

"What you see is a very modern logo, very simple and in a way, it's very futuristic," said Parry.

And with the committee moving full steam ahead with fundraising efforts for the big game, they admit rebranding the image of the state is priority number one.

"It's the first mega event to take place since (SB) 1070," said Parry, acknowledging the controversy that has surrounded the state following the passage of the controversial immigration law that passed in 2010.

According to Parry, the Convention and Visitors Bureau says the perception of the law has had an impact on business.

Parry says it's "lessened (the CVB's) ability to get conventions and get visitor business to come to the Valley."

And they're hoping Super XLIX will provide the state with a venue to showcase a more inclusive environment, including, but not limited to, doing Super Bowl events in Spanish and even partnering with Mexico-based companies that do business in the Valley.

"By us including a strategy and acknowledging that we have a large Latino population and it is a changing population, we think it really helps our position as well as getting us in rotation to be a regular Super Bowl city," said Parry.

Organizers are expecting the 2015 Super Bowl to be a major boost to the local economy.

More than 90,000 tourists are expected to generate as much as $500 million in economic impact.

Glendale last hosted a Super Bowl in 2008. This time organizers say events will be more spread out throughout the Valley with a focus on CityScape, the convention center and light rail.

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