Mother, son reunited after 46 years

EL MIRAGE, AZ - Roberta Jenkins never thought it would happen, but on Monday she was reunited with her long-lost son Bob Honecker.

Jenkins says she was pressured into giving him up for adoption 46 years ago by her ex-husband.

"You feel like everything you try to do in life, trying to be a good mother, trying to be a good wife, no matter what you do, isn't good enough," Jenkins said. 

Honecker now lives in the Netherlands. In May he found his mother through an organization called Emergency Medical Locators.

He booked a $700 ticket to Arizona soon after and plans on staying with Jenkins in El Mirage through September 16. He says he now feels whole again.

"Kind of like the hole that was missing. That one little thing that was missing. That whole thing was full, lickety split," Honecker said. 

Both of them have had their fair share of hardships along the way.

Honecker was dealing with issues growing up in the foster care system and Hendricks was living a life without the son she gave up for adoption. But at least for a few weeks, they can just be mother and son. 

"Her misery stops right now," said Honecker. "Nobody is gonna mess with my mother anymore."

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