7-year-old girl in El Mirage saves mom's life by calling 911

El MIRAGE, AZ - On Tuesday, July 24, the El Mirage Police Department received a call from a 7-year-old girl notifying them that her mother would not wake up.

According to a report from the City of El Mirage, Sofia Walters realized something was wrong with her mom and determined, on her own, it was an emergency situation. 

When the El Mirage police and fire crews arrived, they found the mother was semiconscious and had shallow breathing. 

After paramedics administered medications, she regained consciousness and her vital signs stabilized shortly thereafter.

"Were it not for the quick actions of Sofia, the outcome could have been very different," said El Mirage Fire Chief Howard Munding. "This is a great example for parents to take the time to teach their kids how to use the phone in emergencies."

According to the report, Sofia will be recognized for her life-saving efforts at an upcoming El Mirage City Council meeting. 

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