Woman found dead after going for help after crash west of Phoenix

BUCKEYE, AZ - Authorities say a woman was found dead after she went for help after an accident west of the Valley.

Maricopa County Sheriff's spokesman Jeff Sprong said a woman in her 30s was traveling with her parents when the crash happened early Friday morning near 411th Avenue, 1/2 mile south of Interstate 10.

The daughter apparently got out of the vehicle and started to look for help, leaving her parents in the vehicle.

A motorist came upon the wreck and noticed the elderly parents inside and called for medical help. Sprong said they suffered minor injuries.

The parents are Asian and there was a language barrier, Sprong said, and it took almost 10 hours for the woman to be reported missing.

Sprong said it was about eight to 10 hours later when authorities understood that the woman was missing.

An MCSO helicopter located the woman around 3:30 p.m.

Sprong said when she was found, she was deceased, likely due to the heat.

"Unfortunately, we do deal with these from time to time, especially with people who are not used to our summers here," Sprong said.

"Always have water inside your car, at least a gallon of water, and most of the time, it is better to stay in your car because at least you're covered somewhat from the elements rather than going out, especially if you are not familiar with the area," he warned.

Sprong said the family was headed to the Valley from California for a vacation.

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