PD: Buckeye cashier arrested for allegedly selling 'Spice' out of smoke shop

BUCKEYE, AZ - A Buckeye resident has been arrested after an investigation into a local smoke shop.

The 32-year-old cashier at Hot 7 Smoke Shop was arrested on Tuesday after detectives found 45 vials of suspected “Spice” packaged for sale.

The Buckeye Police Department says an investigation into alleged criminal drug activity at the smoke shop was conducted in early January after information was received the store clerks were allegedly selling the drug to adults and high school students.

“Spice” is classified as a dangerous drug under Arizona law.

A search warrant was executed at the business on Tuesday where detectives found the suspected drugs.

Police say the Hot 7 Smoke Shop is located less than 300 feet from Buckeye Elementary School and within two blocks of the Buckeye City Hall.

The cashier was arrested for possession of a dangerous drug for sale and possession of a dangerous drug for sale in a drug free school zone.

ABC15 is not identifying the suspect who has not been formally charged yet.

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