Family struggling to pay funeral expenses for four crash victims

BUCKEYE, AZ - A fiery crash in Buckeye Valley claimed the life of almost an entire family leaving a 16-year-old girl behind.  

The rest of the family is struggling to pay for unexpected funeral costs and support a girl facing life without her immediate family.

"She is doing as well as can be expected," said her cousin Jesse Owens. "We're just trying to support and love her." 

Jerry Swift, his wife Seline, their 13-year-old son Jerry Jr., and their uncle Roger Keasling were all killed Saturday in a fiery crash right in front of their home.  

They were attempting to turn left into their driveway when an SUV hit them from behind. Their car burst in to flames, trapping them.
Owens lives next door.   
Outside the families' homes sits four crosses with flowers, stuffed animals and other mementos as a memorial to the four who were lost.
"It is still so fresh," said Owens. "It is always going to be a reminder to us."
A bake sale will be held to raise money for the funeral expenses on Wednesday at the Shamrock station near MC 85 and Miller.  

A car wash is scheduled for Saturday at the Grace Community Church at 1300 N. Miller in Buckeye.
An account has been set up at Chase Banks under the name Hope Hamel.

The account number is: 3034119692.

The driver of the SUV was taken to the hospital on Saturday with non-life threatening injuries.
The crash is still under investigation.

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