Buckeye man accused of shooting 6-month-old dog in chest with a pellet gun

BUCKEYE, Ariz. - A six month old lab is recovering after she was shot in the chest with a pellet gun.  The incident happened on Saturday in a Buckeye neighborhood on Tuthill Road.

The dog's owners say Nikki was whimpering as she ran from the neighbors house. The dog had blood dripping from her chest.  X-rays showed the pellet lodged right next to the dog's heart and doctors gave Nikki just a 10 percent chance of surviving.

Buckeye police arrested William Lowe, 20, for shooting the dog. Court documents show Lowe had a pellet gun and that pellets matching the one in the dog's chest were found in his house. Lowe's girlfriend also told police that Lowe admitted to shooting the dog.

Lowe is charged with two counts of animal cruelty. The pellet is still inside Nikki.

The owner tells ABC15 it will be a few weeks before they know if the puppy will recover fully.

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