Buckeye cleaning up from Monsoon storm damage

BUCKEYE, AZ - Winds from a rainstorm knocked over 10 trailers in the Phoenix suburb of Buckeye as two people suffered minor injuries.

Some residents of the affected trailer park took refuge in a nearby Walmart store after they lost power as a result of the Thursday night's storm.


Randy and Lisa Murphree were taken to the hospital after firefighters rescued them from their overturned trailer home.

Randy says he had just gone to bed when he could hear the rain, wind and hail getting worse and worse outside.

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“The trailer was actually shaking up and down like a locomotive was coming at us. I mean it was just moving, moving, moving!” said Randy.

What happened next was like something out of Oz.

“The weather just swooped in and the trailer turned once, then twice and over a third time,” recalled Randy.

The couple says when the tussling stopped it was just pitch black.

“We could feel the rain on us, just drenching us and I thought ‘Oh my God’," said Lisa.

“Then we panicked. We were disorientated. We’re standing there checking parts, making sure we’re okay, making sure Lisa is okay, making sure our dog is ok because I had a dog in there with me," said Randy.

“I was screaming at the top of my lungs, I just wanted somebody to know we were there. We weren't sure what had happened or if we were the only ones. So I just kept screaming at the top of my lungs 'Please, Please, somebody help us',” said Lisa.

The couple suddenly realized they were trapped and began searching for Lisa’s cell phone to call 911.

“I could see the lights coming toward us,” describes Lisa of the fire crews arriving to help.

Fire crews had to cut a hole through the trailer to pull Lisa, Randy and their dog Cooney to safety.

“As they're pulling us out, I'm looking around at all these tipped over trailers, completely destroyed trailer and I'm just wondering if everybody is ok,” said a still shaken Randy.

Both made it out with minor injuries. Randy had a cut lip, busted cheek bone, swollen and cut legs and an injured shoulder.

But compared to what could’ve been, they were thankful.

“Going back in today to pick up our personal belongings, you couldn't tell what part of the trailer was what part. The couch, refrigerator, oven and the microwave were just tussled. Someone was looking over us,” said a tearful Lisa.

Randy’s voice shook as he agreed with Lisa, “I'm just thankful we're okay, we're going to make it.”

Randy and Lisa’s daughter Lindsay Palmer rushed down from Prescott to help and told ABC15 she was touched by the outpouring of care and help from the men and women who helped save her parents.

“The firefighters, police officers, ER staff and so many more had already made sure they had what they needed as well as made sure our dog was taken care of, this incredible act of kindness and support is something that will never go unforgotten,” said Palmer.

Randy Murphree’s work has stepped in to help relocated him to another home.

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