Valley soldier's home broken into, military gear and medals stolen

AVONDALE, AZ - Back for just three days from serving in Afghanistan, a soldier from Avondale returned home on Monday to find his home broken into.

"You think you're coming home to kind of unwind and start to relax and I don't know how to exactly say it – it just kinda sucks," said the soldier.

Because he's involved in special operations with the Army, he did not want to be identified.

He said he's not too worried about his missing TV, laptop, or computer but is more concerned about his stolen military gear.

"The main stuff that was taken was pretty much all my army issued gear down to uniforms. They took all my combat uniforms," said the soldier.

They also stripped him of several military awards and medals he had hung on his wall.

"There's no respect level there. It's got my name on it. They're awards I've earned through my career in military."

Chris Lambert lives next door to the solider and had been watching over the home before the soldier returned.

Lambert said this is no way a returning soldier should have been welcomed home.

"To break into a military person's home – that's protecting our homes from for attacks is just pretty lame," said Lambert.

Avondale police are still searching for the suspect.

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