NASCAR fans preparing for rain at Phoenix International Raceway

AVONDALE, AZ - Several large events in the Valley could be affected by wet weather.

Hundreds of fans are camped out for the NASCAR races in Avondale.

Some said sheriff's deputies had been out Friday night warning campers of the imminent weather.

Mike Moore was camped out with his friends for the races. He said, "We're just going to kind of pick up the carpet and move the TV inside."

He said he's been to the races before when it rained so he's not surprised.

Moore stated, "It's a typical Arizona storm, we've got the wind, the dust and. It sounds like it's 100 percent we're going to get it."

But come rain or shine, most fans say they'll stick out the wet weather.

"NASCAR fans are resilient. We're out here for the races so it really doesn't matter," Moore stated.

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