Valley shoppers camp out for days to score Black Friday deals

AVONDALE, AZ - With tents and sleeping bags, eager shoppers are already lining up at Valley stores to score big deals on Black Friday.

Steven Mendez likes to camp.

"Usually, Lake Pleasant or Lake Havasu," is where he said he stays.

This week, Mendez is spending a few nights in a tent, enjoying the great outdoors with some friends.

This, however, is unlike the traditional idea of camping. He's sleeping in a parking lot, on what he calls a mission of savings.

"A lot of people say you're crazy or it's not worth it, but I definitely say it's worth it," Mendez said.

He is among a growing crowd camping out at the Best Buy in Avondale. They're hoping to make the most out of black Friday deals.

"We are camping...urban camping," Jennifer Graham explained.

Savings of up to $400 or more makes a lot of 'cents' to these people, but others just don't get it.

"That's insane. I don't know, my time is much more valuable," Mike DeSmith said.

"That's insane. I wouldn't do it," Eva Dortch agreed.

Many have camped out before for killer deals, and say the thrill of the hunt brings them back.

"The 42-inch TV for $199, laptop for $179. You save more than you spend," Graham said.

To pass the time, they watch movies, sing karaoke and listen to music.

They cook and eat in line, and tell us they will celebrate their holiday here too.

Some said the best part is getting to meet a lot of interesting people.

"It's pretty fun. Every year I have a good time," Mendez said.

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