Family mourns man shot in front of toddler son

AVONDALE, AZ - It's been four days since Carl Scott, Jr. was shot and killed in a west Valley neighborhood while his 3-year-old son was still inside the car.

"I want to know why this happened," said his father, Carl Dean Scott, Sr. "I don't understand it."

Scott, 29, had just dropped off his younger brother and was headed to his older brother's house.

While on the way, his family said for some reason he stopped in the area of 36th Avenue and Colter where he got into an argument with several men.

Scott was shot in the stomach with a shotgun.

A police officer told Scott's father he didn't understand how Scott got close to the car with that type of injury.

His family thinks it was because he wanted to make sure his son was safe inside the car.

Neighbors heard an argument and then a single shot, said a police spokesman.

Some people were seen running and a car was spotted leaving the scene.

J'Jamar Washington, 31, was later charged with second degree murder.

"Scott would give anybody his left arm if they wanted it," his father said. "Everybody loved that boy, everybody," he added.

Scott Sr. said people called him from Las Vegas in shock over what happened.

"It has torn the family apart," he said. "It just doesn't make sense," he added.

They took the father of my children," said Christina Alcantar, Scott's wife and mother of his four children. "It's a selfless act," she said.

Alcantar said the biggest challenge is dealing with her eldest boy, 9-year-old Jose, who is taking it really hard.

"Only thing left are his dad's hats, he sleeps with them, smells them," she said.

The couple has three other younger boys. The youngest is 7-months old. "They took the father of my kids," she said.

"He was a good man," said Brandon Scott, one of the victim's three bothers. 

Another brother, Chris Scott, said the family is in shambles.

Scott's best friend, George Harper, said there are lots of memories he will live with and doesn't understand why the life of a good person was taken.

"We're going to miss him, we're going to miss him a lot," Brandon Scott said.

Scott's family and friends have planned several car washes to raise money for his funeral.

Two of the car washes are being held Saturday and Sunday mornings at the Fuegos Bar and Grill on 91st Avenue and Van Buren.

The family also set up a bank account under the name of Christopher A. Scott at Chase Bank.

The account # is: 457020381.

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