Avondale man accused of starving horses

AVONDALE, AZ - An Avondale man is behind bars for animal cruelty, negligence and failing to provide medical attention for four horses on his property.

Maricopa County sheriff's Sgt. Brandon Jones said that on August 27 animal cruelty detectives were called to investigate a complaint of starving horses at a home in the 6200 block of South 122nd Avenue.

Deputies said the owner of the house, Manuel Maria Siguenza, confirmed he owned one horse, three miniature horses, and two ponies that lived on the property.

Jones said four of the six horses were found by deputies to be emaciated and in poor physical condition.

WARNING:  The photos in the attached slide show may be disturbing to some.

The miniature horse and one of the ponies had neglected feet, one of which was severely overgrown. The miniature horse was showing signs of discomfort and was emaciated.

A two-year-old stallion was severely emaciated. The stallion was also limping on its left front leg. A young female horse kept with the stallion was also very emaciated but had a "pot belly" appearance which suggested she may have parasites.

Jones said it appeared no medical treatment was provided to any of the four horses. The horses were seized and taken to an equine veterinary facility to be treated.

The horses will remain at the vet until they have recovered enough to be transported the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office MASH UNIT to be taken care of by Sheriff's inmates.

Siguenza was arrested September 5th and booked in to jail for four counts of cruel neglect and four counts of failure to provide medical attention necessary to prevent protracted suffering.

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