Valley residents gathered to mourn the loss of Sandy Hook Elementary School victims

TEMPE, AZ - Trying to make sense of the terrible loss of life at a Connecticut Elementary, hundreds of Valley residents gathered to mourn.

Tempe Marketplace was lit up by candles held in the hands of of saddened families, mothers, fathers, children, and others. They came to show support for the victims of the Newtown Elementary shooting massacre.

Arizona Congressman David Schweikert, Mesa Mayor Scott Smith, local radio DJs from Clear Channel, and a pastor and a Rabbi all spoke to the crowds.

"I can't imagine what they are going through," said Mayor Smith.  "Maybe if we can show that we not only remember them but we care about them."

The speakers tried to explain how someone could take the lives of so many innocent children, bust most found themselves short on words.

Talking to those listening, some crying, the speakers closed the ceremony with a prayer for the victims and their families.

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