Valley honors victims of 9/11 attacks

TEMPE, AZ - It was a somber Wednesday night in the Valley as hundreds gathered to honor the victims of the September 11th attacks.

They heard songs, prayers and speeches during a candlelight vigil at Tempe Beach Park. After the ceremony, everyone placed a battery powered candle at the base of a flag in the Healing Field.

People also took time to reflect on where they were when they heard the news about the World Trade Center.

One woman was up before dawn taking care of her toddler when her husband called from work. "We were up early and the first plane hit and my husband said 'turn the TV on.'"

Another young woman recalled being in eighth grade and just waking up for school when she learned of the tragedy.

"I walked into the kitchen and said 'Mom why are you crying?' and she looked at the TV and that's when I saw it."

A mother browsing the flag display remembers being woken up by a call from her daughter who lived in the Midwest alerting her about the attacks.

"She said 'Mom, turn on the TV!' and I woke up and the first tower had been hit."

The Healing Field is next to Tempe Town Lake. The flags will stay up through Saturday.

The city welcomes volunteers Sunday morning to help take the nearly 3,000 flags down.

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