Valley heat keeps air conditioning companies busy

TEMPE, AZ - With high temperatures holding steady and expected to soar past 120 in spots as we move into the weekend, Mike Hawks knows he's going to be busy.

"Yeah, it's lots, and lots of hours," he said as he unloaded gear for a repair.

Hawks works for Parker & Son's, and right now, they're receiving well over 120 calls for service a day. He says in extreme heat, A/C units have to work overtime.
"You can see this right here. The blower is not running, so there's no air circulating on the inside, and this is ice," he said.

On Thursday, he helped restore 92-year-old Janice Wedekind's air after it went out.

"It worked until this morning when I got up. I am sure it was working when I got up this morning, then I thought, it's getting warm in here," she said.

Hawks says most problems come from older units. He says many fail after shoddy repairs. He's seen people try to get extra time out of failing units by setting their thermostats higher, wetting down their units, or attempting a fix on their own, but he says there's just one way to help your A/C deal with the high heat.

"The number one thing that you can do to make sure your unit will run all summer long is to have someone come check it out," Hawks said.

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