Tempe ticket broker says Valley bowl tickets lack feature that helps prevent counterfeits

TEMPE, Ariz. - If you plan on heading out to the Fiesta or Insight bowl games, a local ticket broker recommends exercising caution to ensure the tickets you buy are legitimate.

Bruce Genzburg with Jack's Ticket Agency in Tempe said it's important to know how reputable the person or organization is when buying bowl tickets.

"You go to an event and you don't get in, that's very upsetting," Genzburg said.

Genzburg said he hasn't run into any counterfeit tickets for the bowl games so far, but said the tickets lack a security feature that is used to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to create fakes.

He said usually tickets will come with a reflective cover and a hologram, items this year's tickets to the Fiesta and Insight bowl come without.

"With a hologram built it, it's difficult to reproduce," he said.

Genzburg recommended buying tickets from a local agency, as their reputation is on the line if an issue occurs. He also said it's much easier to come across counterfeit tickets online as opposed to dealing with a broker face-to-face.

"It's a difficult situation for people to understand," Genzburg said. "You have to be cautious yet you want to go to the game and find something that's reasonable."

While the tickets lack a hologram, he said there is a security feature on the back of the tickets that will appear under a black light.

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