Tempe suspicious package: Police investigate box, area evacuated as precaution

TEMPE, AZ - Police gave the "all clear" after investigating a suspicious gold box with question marks Friday morning in Tempe.

Lt. Scott Smith the package was found in the roadway in the area of Spence Avenue and Newberry Lane, near Apache Boulevard and Rural Road.

Tempe police bomb technicians were on scene around 11 a.m. and gave the "all clear" just after 11:30.

Police and fire crews cordoned off and evacuated the immediate area only as a precaution, Smith said. Approximately 50 people were evacuated.

"Nothing of concern was in the cardboard box," said Tempe police spokeswoman Molly Enright.

The box only contained papers, according to ABC15's Monica Lempert at the scene.

Andries Efthymiou called police to report the suspicious box, but was told police were already on scene.

"They made me leave the street. It's just crazy, a college town like this I wouldn't think that something like that would happen but just with the things going on in Boston it's scary," said Efthymiou.

 Patrol officers and firefighters helped get residents back into their homes.

While many were relieved, the entire incident left a number of neighbors upset.

"I'm glad that it was probably some messed up person that was trying to scare everyone instead of a real thing but that shows you it can happen anywhere," said Jen Trask.


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