Tempe seniors at Friendship Village knit for children in need

TEMPE, AZ - At Friendship Village retirement community in Tempe, eight women spend their Friday afternoons knitting.

While maybe not uncommon, they actually formed a unique knitting club that is providing warm clothes for children in need.

"It is like we're doing it for our grandkids," said June Knapp, who heads the group that dubbed themselves "The Knit Pickers".

The oldest in the group is 97 and together each year, they knit dozens of scarves, sweaters, and hats for kids at the Children's First Academy.

Each item can take months to make.

"We have fun with each other," said Knapp.

Knapp explained that they get their materials with help of some of their male counterparts at the home.

"They go out and collect recyclables," Knapp explained. "The money they get from that is used to pay for the yarn and materials."

The group has been around for the past 12 years.

The women enjoy the time on their hands by making something special with their hands for the kids who need it the most.

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