Tempe police officer Jessica Dever-Jakusz resigns amid criminal investigation

TEMPE, AZ - A Tempe police officer has resigned amid a sordid criminal investigation.

Jessica Dever-Jakusz is accused of starting up a romantic relationship with a drug dealer while she was undercover -- putting two other officers at risk in the process.

The Maricopa County Attorney's Office says Tempe police are recommending two counts of hindering prosecution for Dever-Jakusz.

According to a police report, Dever-Jakusz slept with a local drug dealer while on an undercover bust.

Tempe police say Dever-Jakusz was working the investigation on Mill Avenue with two other undercover officers at the time.

Dever-Jakusz reportedly bought ecstasy from the dealer, which quickly turned into a romantic relationship between the two.

After several months, Dever-Jakusz admitted to her lover that she was an officer and let him know the identities of the two other officers also working the case, effectively blowing their cover.

Sometime during the affair, documents show Dever-Jakusz's husband Garret Dever found out about the affair and used equipment in his patrol car to look the drug dealer up.

Chandler police confirm there is an internal investigation into Garret, but would not provide any other details.

Jessica Dever-Jakusz's father, Larry Dever, is a well-known Arizona figure, once serving as the sheriff of Cochise County.

The drug dealer in question is not being identified at this time.

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