Tempe nonprofit, The Centers for Habilitation, hit by battery thieves

TEMPE, AZ - A Tempe non-profit is asking for help after they were hit by thieves early Tuesday morning.

Several trucks belonging to The Centers For Habilitation in Tempe were burglarized at about 3:20 a.m. 

The irony: the words on the side of one of the burglarized trucks, "Identity theft stops here," but early Tuesday morning, thieves found this to be the perfect place for battery theft.

"So out of our seven vehicles in our fleet, five of them are down until we get our batteries replaced," says Manuel Salazar with ASDD Document Destruction.

The crime was caught on tape; the video shows a car pulling up to ASDD Document Destruction with their lights off. Less than three minutes later, the thieves are gone.

"We're estimating, just the cost of labor and the cost of the equipment we've lost or damage; we're probably looking in excess of $6,000," says Salazar.

Six thousand dollars that puts a huge dent in the nonprofit's budget, but the damage runs a lot deeper than the company's pocketbook, especially for the 70 disabled employees who work for the paper shredding company.

"Without that paperwork coming back every day, they have nothing to do to have a way to earn their income, so the ripple effect is very large," says Salazar.

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