Tempe Center for the Arts' Smithsonian exhibit 'Green Revolution' focuses on sustainability

TEMPE, AZ - "Green Revolution" is a free art exhibit that features a sustainability theme housed at the Tempe Center for the Arts through May.

The exhibit is interactive, educational, and free. 

There are a variety of pieces that are family-friendly. Children, who were visiting Tuesday, lined up around a bicycle for their chance to pedal power to a portable music player. 

There's artwork created from the Tempe Town Lake dam which burst back in 2010.

One artist created portraits using pieces of wood that were charred in Arizona's massive Wallow fire. 

Plastic bags and empty water bottles were used to create large displays several feet tall. 

Fun facts are also sprinkled throughout the exhibit.

"A 100w lightbulb= 714 pounds of coal in a year," one sign read. 

The city of Tempe partnered with the Smithsonian Institution to showcase the traveling exhibit.

Learn more at tempe.gov.

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