Tempe apartment complex, The District, adds new security measures after student attacked

TEMPE, AZ - A Tempe apartment complex plans to step up safety measures after a violent attack.

Police say a group of frat guys pushed another student into an elevator and beat him up. The student suffered head trauma is still recovering.

In an effort to improve its security by next week, The District says it will have new cameras inside every elevator, eight total. 

It's also adding cameras to the parking lots. Also, an extra security guard has been added to the patrol team every day.

With 900 residents, staff members say everyone has to take responsibility for their personal safety.

"Being respectful of the other residents and not allowing tempers to get out of hand, because as we've seen with this experience, things can get out of control," said a community assistant with The District.

Tempe police say underage drinking is also a major problem and they're trying to find ways to crack down.

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