Tempe apartment building closed after water pipe bursts

TEMPE, AZ - Dozens of ASU students who made it to graduation day are dealing with one more hurdle.

A water pipe burst shut down the 22-story Tower One complex at the West 6th Apartments in Tempe.

It comes at a tough time for some students, who are packing for the summer or have family in town for graduation.

Other apartment residents don't have the option to leave.

City officials say a pipe burst Wednesday on the eighth floor. Crews are repairing the sprinkler system right now and all residents have been evacuated. The Tempe Fire Department says the electrical and fire alarm systems are damaged. Fire officials don't know how long repairs will take.

"Oh, this is horrible," said Jeffrey McKenzie, a graduating student and resident. "You got family here, you have everybody here, and I have to deal with bringing them to his place," he said.

The apartment management offered hotel vouchers to residents who need a place to stay. But many are staying with friends.

"You know it's a little stressful, but overall, we can understand. It's not anyone's fault in particular," said resident James Gorham.

The apartment complex says it's working hard to make repairs, but have no time table for when residents can move back in.

"Best case scenario, I'm back in my apartment tomorrow and everything's normal," Gorham said.

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