Surveillance video shows shooting at Tempe medical marijuana co-op Top Shelf Med

TEMPE, AZ - Surveillance video capturing a shooting that left one person injured at a Tempe medical marijuana co-op last month was released Saturday.

Police said Police spokeswoman Molly Enright said the shooting happened at Top Shelf Med near Southern Avenue and Rural Road around 7:20 p.m. October 25 th.

The incident began with a knock on the door, but a store employee soon had a gun pointed in his face.       

You can see in the video as the suspects push the employee into an office area, and beat him to the ground while hitting him in the back of the head with their pistols.

The gunmen raise their weapons, prepared to shoot, but officers said other employees saw what was going on in the front. They reportedly pulled out their own guns and engaged the robbers in a fire fight.

The robbers fled the scene.

One of the employees was shot. The robbers left with nothing.

Top Shelf Med, formerly AZ Go Green, is closed indefinitely. Their employee is still recovering from his gunshot wound. 

Police believe the suspects were looking for easy drugs and money.

Tempe police detectives said they have reason to believe illegal drug deals were going down at the medical marijuana co-op. Police are investigating them with the help of the DEA.

"We've been paying attention to them," Lt. Mike Horn with the Tempe Police Department. "This is a place that's been on the radar of the Tempe Police Department."

If you recognize any of the suspects, call police. There is a $1,000 reward available.

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