Shoppers out in droves at Valley malls after Christmas

TEMPE, AZ - Just when you thought holiday shopping was done big-name retailers are luring shoppers back into stores with after-Christmas sales.

Some stores, like Kohl's and Wal-Mart, opened their doors at 5 this morning.

Whether it was returning Christmas gifts or chasing after Christmas sales it was a pretty busy day for retailers.

All across the Valley, stores offered steep discounts, including 50 percent off, after-Christmas prices.

A lot of the stores we went to had similar sales to those from Black Friday.

After-Christmas sales are a way for retailers to clear out old merchandise in order to make way for the new.

Stores like Banana Republic and Gap are offering 30-50 percent off already marked down items. 

It wasn't just the low prices that lured shoppers into the stores today.

After all, it is the morning after Christmas which means there's also those who take back those gifts that were two sizes too big -- or simply didn't work.

John Hansen was returning a pair of jeans at Tempe Marketplace.

"I guess I gained some weight over Christmas," Hansen said.

If you need to make any returns this season and aren't in a rush, experts say you're best to wait a few days to avoid the crowds.

In most cases you'll need a receipt to bring an item back and get your money refunded.

If it's already opened, check the store's re-stocking fee, because you could get charged.

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