Severe storms trigger spike in exterminator calls for ants, crickets and scorpions

TEMPE, AZ - The monsoon has brought out more ants, crickets and scorpions; consequently, exterminators are staying busy.

"The larger pests will try to get into the homes," said Eric Papadeas, owner of Pest'R Us Exterminating in Tempe. "The smaller ones will try to stay outside."

Scorpions will be most active before sunrise as they try to hunt crickets, and the summer heat may drive them indoors, he said.

Papadeas told ABC15, a combination of the current barometric pressure and the rain and humidity have stirred up the creepy crawlers. He said calls to his company have increased following this week's severe storms.

Papadeas said you can attempt to exterminate the insects yourself, but they're often hidden, so calling a professional is recommended.

"A lot of insects will be in the valve boxes and the water mains," he said.

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